Mobility Concerns

Don’t be deterred by the flights of stairs! Until our elevator committee finishes the work of getting us more accessible, you can still attend worship services and other events without using stairs.  If you are attending something on the main level (office, worship space, lounge) simply drive around to the north side of the building, near the cemetery, and park in the one of the four handicap spaces. A ramp will take you to the main level. We are happy to assist you to find space for your wheelchairs in the front of the church or with walkers and canes wherever you would like to sit.

If you are attending an event in the lower hall, park in the handicap spots on the south side of the building and enter by the single door. A ramp is available to access the hall.

Accessible washrooms are available at both levels.

Hearing Assistance

For the hard of hearing, we have a ‘Listening System’ available from the sidespeople, wardens or clergy. A simple earpiece is worn that enables wearers to enjoy the service more easily.

Visual Impairment

Ipads are available from the churchwarden on duty.  The bulletin and service is on the tablet and you can enlarge the print as you need.  If you bring your own device, we can show you how to access the bulletin, hymns etc.

Service Animals and Guide Dogs

Such amazing animals are always welcome for worship and events. Remember to bring them to the Blessing of the Animals service on the first Sunday in October at 9:15 am!