Children & Youth

Attention parents and youth:

Join us for a dinner at Canon Reid’s home on Friday September 15th to make plans for the new year and get to know each other!

St. Peter’s has  vibrant and active programs for children and youth! Young people are involved in Church School, worship services (as servers, readers, teachers, nursery care, sidespeople, and intercessors), volunteering with outreach projects, in youth groups, and in many other ways.

  • Family Events
  • Bazaar
  • Coffee hour
  • sleep overs
  • youth led worship services for the church
  • and many, many more fun activities

Youth Group Program:

We offer a number of exciting and fun-filled social activities and outings.  You would also have opportunities to ask questions that are relevant to your everyday life as a Christian youth living in the 21st century.  There are also opportunities for you to go on retreats, mission trips, go to youth conferences and much more!!!

If you are a youth in grades 6 – 12  and would like to know more about our events/weekly gatherings and would like to become a member or are just looking for someone to talk with, please email us at

S.P.Y meets on most Sundays during the 9:15 am service.  All youth aged 11-17 are welcome!

An example of the Youth making a difference and an example of the quality of conscience and discussion that the youth undertake. Click on the link below to view a well made conscience effort to make a difference.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at our events.

Vacation Bible School

We  hosted our 22nd VBS program the summer of 2017. 44 children and 8 teen volunteers helped us to imagine a world where curious kids became hands-on inventors who discovered they’re lovingly crafted by God. This camp was full of fun, games and inventions all happening in a framework of faith.  The cost was $30 per child, with reduced fees for those who need it.

Peel Interfaith Peace Camp

For the first time in Peel Jewish, Christian and Muslim children joined together to learn about their shared Abrahamic heritage and celebrate being children of faith.  We played, learned and made wonderful crafts.  New friendships were formed and we learned about our shared commitment to help others.  Each day of the four day camp concluded with an act of kindness for the greater community.  We are hoping to do this camp again in 2018 so please keep an eye out for an opportunity to register your children!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Church School?

It is an opportunity to discuss the deeper questions of faith and how scripture relates to our lives. We provide a program at the 9:15 am service.

What is Confirmation?

At various times during our lives we may feel a need to affirm publicly what we believe and to make a renewed commitment to live out our faith in our daily live. We welcome your inquiry into the meaning and practice of rites of affirmation in the Anglican Church.

In the Anglican Church we have three formal ways of affirming our faith; confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation.

When is the Next Confirmation at St. Peter’s?

For more information please contact Canon Reid at