Baptism and Confirmation


Baptism is the joining of the Body of Christ, where we believe we become one body together in faith. In baptism, we are given a new name, ‘child of God’ and spend the rest of our lives growing into that name. Whether you come to baptism as a child or adult, you are a full member of the Church and are sent forth to be a source of God’s love and light in the world.

At St. Peter’s baptisms are held five times a year around special moments in our corporate life.  Baptism, as a service of belonging, happens in our central worship services.

To learn more about baptism and its role in the spiritual life of the individual and the church community, please read the Anglican Church of Canada’s article, “The Ministry of all the Baptized”.


At various times during our lives we may feel a need to affirm publicly what we believe and to make a renewed commitment to live out our faith in our daily lives. We welcome your inquiry into the meaning and practice of rites of affirmation in the Anglican Church.

In the Anglican Church we have three formal ways of affirming our faith; confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation. 

Anyone who is a youth member of the church (generally beginning at age 13) or older can be confirmed in the church. This rite of passage is generally done by anyone who was baptized as an infant in the church, and wishes to confirm their faith in a public declaration. The candidate will attend classes (often as part of a group of other candidates), then attend a special service where they will participate in the confirmation service and be recognized by the Bishop.

If you are interested in more information about our baptisms or in being confirmed, please contact the Reverend Roshni Jayawardena to discuss. Please call 905-828-2095 or email for more information.

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