The Job Description

The Director will be an active participant in the worship and life of St. Peter’s in the following areas:

Musical Leadership:

  • Provide leadership in a ministry of music that reflects the Anglican tradition, goals and practices of the parish and changes of liturgical seasons. This includes organizing and implementing all musical programs in the Church (i.e., liturgies, para-liturgies, concerts).
  • Maintain, attend, nurture, and direct the Parish Choir and Family Choir, rehearsing with these choirs at least once a week for at least 180 minutes, from September to June.
  • Encourage recruitment in the Choirs, and exercise leadership in all aspects of Choir activities as they may directly affect the musical efficiency of the group.
  • Arrange for all extra musicians (including guest soloists) who may be required at Christmas, Easter, Patronal Festival or other occasions as directed and as deemed appropriate.(e.g. All Saint’s, Ash Wednesday)


As a member of a team that includes the Incumbent, consult to select, and schedule in advance, appropriate hymns and anthems for all Sunday and Holy Day services, distributing copies of that schedule to the Incumbent, and Handbell Director, Administrative Assistant and all members of the Choirs as appropriate.

  • Play the organ for all services required (i.e. at least twice on Sundays, Holy Days – when a sung service is scheduled) and special services as long as sufficient notice is given, as mutually agreed by the Director and the Incumbent.
  • Make provision for the playing of preludes and postludes for the 9:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. services, on a regular basis.
  • Play or find a substitute for occasional services that includes: mid-week services; weddings; funerals; and ecumenical events held in the church (subject to an agreed upon fee scale).
  • Be prepared to assist the Incumbent in planning and implementing a children’s Christmas pageant with the church school team and Handbell Director.
  • Maintain competent skills on the piano and organ.
  • Be competent and comfortable with technology in live streamed services.

 Hours of work

  • The Organist/Choir Director position is a 18-20 hour per week position. Hours may be flexible and will be determined in consultation with the Incumbent;
  • The Organist Choir/Director is expected to be in consultation with the Incumbent weekly and attend monthly staff meetings as well as attending in person every Thursday evening for choir practice and every Sunday morning for choir rehearsal and worship.


  • Vacation time is provided in accordance with the Employment Standards Act and by agreement with the Incumbent;
  • The Organist/Choir Director is responsible for finding a replacement when absent;
  • Vacation time will not be granted for the following time periods:
    • The week before Easter (including Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday)
    • The week before Christmas (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)
    • Thanksgiving Weekend

 Payroll Status

  • The Organist/Choir Director is a part time employee.
  • The position will be filled on the basis of a renewable contract which will include an initial probationary period of six months. At the end of the probationary period a review will be conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of the applicant and the position.At the end of the probationary period the employment agreement may either be extended or terminated without further obligation by St. Peter’s or by the successful applicant;
  • Paid bi-weekly with necessary statutory deductions;
  • Salary commensurate with experience. St. Peter’s follows the Royal College of Church Organist’s Scale and can be negotiated based on education and experience.


  • Oversee the care of the Church organ and pianos and make recommendations to the appropriate authorities (e.g., Incumbent, Wardens) regarding maintenance and repair.
  • Meet with the Incumbent regularly, by mutual consent.
  • Assist the Worship Committee, when invited to do so.
  • Prepare a Master Music Plan for each calendar year, outlining special services, concerts, seasonal music, and occasions calling for additional voices and instruments, as planned and citing specific goals for the year. (i.e. voice recruitment, music purchases, choir recruitment) This includes being responsible for making recommendations for purchases and new music to the Incumbent.
  • In consultation with the Incumbent, prepare a budget reflecting the coming year’s program and present it to the Incumbent and Wardens at least two months in advance of the annual Vestry meeting.
  • Write a one-page, single-spaced report to annual Vestry, outlining the work of the Choirs, the music program of the previous year and presenting the objectives for the music program in the coming year.
  • Write a column in the Church newsletter (SPAN), concerning the music of the Church and the activities of the Choirs once each calendar quarter or if special circumstances require it.
  • Work with the church’s music librarian
  • Work with the Incumbent to continue the “Voice for Life” program in the church.

 Personal Behaviour:

The following behaviour is critical to the successful delivery of this Agreement:

  • Exhibit sincere enthusiasm and respect for choristers, together with the possession of high musical standards. This is portrayed through a positive attitude towards the music program; flexibility when required and a contagious passion for music.
  • Demonstrate consistency, reliability and punctuality for choral practices and worship services, maintain respect from choir members and their families.
  • Display excellent supervisory and teamwork capabilities in the coaching of choir members and other leaders, bringing out his/her potential for the benefit of the individual and parish.
  • Pass all screening and responsible ministry training requirements of the Diocese of Toronto.


picture of the sanctuary looking from the back of name towards the altar and St Peter stained glass window

Sunday Services:
8:00 am (Online)
9:15 and 11:00 am (In person & Online)