Pastoral Care

A small corps of volunteers assist the clergy in visiting patients at the Credit Valley Hospital, Trillium and Queensway Hospitals, and the residents at Erin Mills Lodge, Wenleigh House, Amica, Parkland on the Glen,  Carmel Heights, Silverthorn and Heritage House seniors residences. The lay Pastoral visitors also visit people in their homes as needed.

Regular communion services are offered monthly at Erin Mills Lodge, Palisades on the Glen and Wenleigh, and bimonthly at Amica City Centre and Amica Erin Mills.

Our Incumbent and associate priests are always on call at Credit Valley or Trillium Hospitals for emergency services, and follow up after patients have been discharged from hospital.

Yet another faithful group delivers chancel flowers each week to nursing homes, individuals and to hospitals.

Our Home Communion visitors take the blessed sacrament from the Altar after a service directly to the homes of people who are too ill to come to worship.

Prayer shawls are available in the incumbents office.  If you have a friend or loved one who needs a special reminder of God’s embrace, ask for a prayer shawl and take it with a note of prayer from us.  If you wish to knit prayer shawls the instructions may be found at

Three times a year we bring 70-80 seniors from a variety of homes and facilities in to the church for communion, tea and treats and singing.  It is always a joy filled celebration.  Let us know if you would like to come or help!

To inform the clergy of a hospitalization or pastoral need, please call the Church Office at 905-828-2095.