Worship at St. Peter’s


Weekly Services — All Are Welcome

Sundays September through June

Regular Sunday Worship Services at St. Peter’s Erindale are held at 8:00, 9:15 and 11:00 AM September through June:

During the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Palm Sunday additional services are offered.

We have three services during much of the year and two in the summer. Each service has a slightly different feel and appeal.  The 8:00 am service is always from the Book of Common Prayer and celebrates Holy Communion.  It is a simple, said service with a brief homily (sermon) and usually lasts 45 minutes. During the summer our next service is at 10:00 am and we switch weekly between the BCP and BAS services.  The 9:15 am service is always from the Book of Alternative Services and celebrates Holy Eucharist.  It is more energetic, has an all age choir, and is child friendly.  During this service we host a nursery and church school program. The 11:00 am service is almost always Book of Common Prayer (except during baptisms).  Our parish choir leads the singing and it is a more traditional service.  Our nursery attendant is on duty to assist younger children.

Many assist in the on-going worship and services at St. Peters, from the Chancel Guild who tend the sanctuary and arrange for weekly flowers and seasonal decorations, to the Servers, Sidespeople, Choirs, Lay Readers and Nursery Attendants who  participate in weekly services.

Thrice daily we ring the tower bells.

An archivist maintains the history of St. Peter’s in the Bell Tower Museum; our librarian monitors the lending of books, tapes and videos from our library;and tours of the church and cemetery are often in demand.

Three times a year, generally at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, a Seniors Tea offers worship and fellowship to our oldest members.

A Prayer Chain is always on call, phone 905-828-2095 ext. 66.

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Sunday Services:
8:00 am (Online)
9:15 and 11:00 am (In person & Online)